Don't be Afraid of the Dark - Tower Game Recs

This month's recommendations are perfect for dark nights with friends. Light up the longer nights with The Night Cage so you can play Warhammer until dawn:

The Night Cage

It’s never too early (or too late) for Halloween and this game is award-winning thrills.

Players find themselves trapped in a mysterious maze with nothing but a candle. Will you be able to work together to escape? Or will you find yourselves trapped in the dark and dusty labyrinth forever?

It’s dangerous to go alone… but this tile placement game even offers a solo mode.

Kill Team - Octarius

Need to paint the new hotness? In Kill Team - Octarius Box, you’re a hardened squad of Veteran Guardsmen from the Death Korps of Krieg that meets the brutal cunning of the Ork Kommandos in all-out tactical skirmish combat. This is updated combat in the 40k universe.

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