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This April is going to be Magic!

Apparatus April

Prepare for a thrilling finale – Magic the Gathering’s four-part Phyrexian epic concludes when March of the Machine releases on Friday, April 21st. This plane-hopping set will see heroes band together in the face of multiversal collapse, as Elesh Norn attempts to expand her reach, the future of Magic will change forever!

Spring Into Action

In Garden Nation, you preserve the lush landscape and secure your clans’ interests. Compete with other players by constructing a kingdom of coffee pots and bird feeders. Complete secret goals, and dominate areas of the board. Garden Nation is the perfect territory-control game for spring!

Enhance your druidcraft with the Herbalist’s Primer, an illustrated guide to the magical properties of real-world flora. This system-agnostic TTRPG supplement provides lore, recipes, and scientific insight on a massive variety of plants for world-builders, alchemists, and druids. Dig in, get dirty, and plant these seeds in your next epic adventure.

April Showers? Come by Tower!

Get a sneak-peek at the fate of Magic during our March of the Machine Prereleases starting on April 14th! Whether or not Elesh Norn succeeds, the multiverse will never be the same. See below for the full list of events:

  • Friday, April 14th - 6pm

  • Saturday, April 15th - 2pm

  • Sunday, April 16th - 1pm

MTG Schedule

  • Every Saturday: Beginner’s Magic from 2-5pm

  • Every Sunday: Commander Open Play from 12-7pm

Friendly Reminder

Bob is also a partner in Fight in a Box, where we believe in the power of storytelling & laughter to connect us and make the world a little better. We could use your questions and feedback on the Gamefound page for our next project, Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power. Please follow along as we get ready for launch.

If you are unfamiliar, Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power is a cooperative, 1-4 player, bag-builder board game. A single bag of destiny determines your fate. Manipulate probability to complete your mission.

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