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🗓️ Calendars & Cavalcades 🎠

*** Gratuitous pun warning… read at your own risk ***

Everything a Minnesota gamer needs to know in the New Year can be found in Tower Games’ 2023 Mayor Waffles calendar. Stop in today to get your copy for free and unlock your unlimited gamer paw-tential.

Remaster the Realm

Just as the new year provides a chance to reflect and grow, Dominaria Remastered revisits cards from across all 27 sets that depict Dominaria and updates them for modern play. This set is full of exciting reprints, amazing new art, and classics from sets old and new. Stay tuned for the limited-run release on Friday, January 13th.

Brawl Stars

Prepare for beetle with Kabuto Sumo, a game-of-bug-bumping for up to four players. Choose an iconic coleoptera and compete for territory in this coin push throwdown. You’ll need quick thinking, big risks, and plenty of luck to keep your wrestler in the ring.

Pull tricks, not punches, in Unmatched: Houdini Vs Genie. This magical mash-up adds two unconventional fighters to the iconic miniatures fighting game who are sure to defy expectations with trickery, deception, and awe.

Let’s Sale-ebrate!

Celebrate Travis by letting him do his favorite thing - selling games! Travis’ Birthday Sale features clearance items and a special discount for those who bring Travis a treat… so get baking and come by Tower on January 28th and 29th!

MTG Schedule

  • 1/6 - Modern

  • 1/13 - Dominaria Remastered

  • 1/20 - Modern

  • 1/27 - Modern

  • Every Saturday: Beginner’s Magic

  • Every Sunday: Commander Open Play

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