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Celebrate 4th of July with our Explosive Sale!

Delve into Bloomburrow at Tower Games!

The forest critters of Bloomburrow are taking over Magic: The Gathering! Sign up for our prerelease events this July to get your paws on the beautiful new cards before the full set releases. Contact Tower Games to reserve your Bloomburrow packs, commander decks, and booster boxes.

Prerelease Events:

Release Date: August 2nd

Learn more about the newest Bloomburrow cards and prerelease strategies with Ian, Tower’s very own MTG expert.

Boom! July 4th!

Tower Games is having its big annual 4th of July sale! Buy any three items, get the fourth one free! Treat yourself to summer fun at a great price with our spectacular store-wide sale.

(Sale does not include consignment items, special orders, and online purchases.)

July 4th – July 7th

Kids’ D&D Summer Camp Returns!

After a successful first week of dungeon-crawling and dragon-slaying in June, we are gearing up for our July Kids’ D&D Summer Camp! Participants will learn to create their own character, develop their backstory, paint their first miniature, and more.

Read our latest article to learn how our Head Dungeon Master Tony brings kid-friendly adventures to life without skimping on the danger and excitement.

The End is Nigh

Local lunatics, Fight in a Box, are at it again. End of the Line: Post-Apocalyptic Family Survival, 2nd edition, the deadly drafting update to the cult classic the Tower community helped make happen 10 years ago goes to Kickstarter next week.

Why you want to get in line:

  • Easier to learn and plays in half the time

  • Critics love the update

  • New lovable mascots

  • Called “one of the meanest games ever”

After the sale, come find us at CONvergence and say hello, we’ll be running the board game room from noon-6pm.

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