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Delve into Bloomburrow at our Prerelease!

Ian gives his top prerelease tips and most exciting new Bloomburrow combos.

It’s an exciting summer for Magic: The Gathering! Binders will be filled with adorable critters, and deck lists will be overrun with a flurry of paws as the latest expansion Bloomburrow emerges from the forest on August 2nd.

However, for those of you like me who just can’t wait to dig into this incredible new set, our pre-release events from July 26th-28th are the perfect opportunity to meet our new furry friends early, and play some limited games. Let’s check in with our Magic expert Ian to learn about the best new cards coming out this summer.

“I’m most looking forward to Bria, Riptide Rogue. It allows your spell slinger decks to have some punch in them by Bria giving all of your other creatures prowess, letting them grow more powerful the more spells you cast.”

Lots of spells and a big board? Yes, please! It gets even better, though. Bria can make your newly powerful creatures unblockable when played alongside other non-creature spells, allowing you to play a buffing enchantment or sorcery on a creature before slamming it into your opponent's face! Consider pairing this with a Vigilance creature, allowing you to play offense and defense, or a Double Strike creature for huge damage.

Now that we have some strategy in mind, how can we take it into our first prerelease event to win some extra Play Boosters? Lucky for us, Ian has a plan.

“I would say the best way to win a prerelease is sticking to either one or two colors and researching what you can about the set before the event. You’ll want to know what you’re up against.”

Sticking to a smaller number of colors reduces the chance you’ll draw into a dead hand without usable land, while researching ahead of time can stop you from walking into easy mistakes. For example, look at the beautiful new Mabel, Heir to Cragflame.

This is a frightening card to go up against in a prerelease. Mabel generates a powerful artifact, Cragflame, giving free card advantage that can quickly be equipped to a creature to give them Haste. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the card in case you go up against a Red-White opponent. On-demand Haste, Trample, and Vigilance on a big creature late in the game can be devastating.

Now that Ian has given you useful and technical advice on dominating our Bloomburrow prerelease, the final secret tip comes from me: draw better. Just be lucky, it’s that easy. You can do it, I believe in you.

It’s time to take what you learned and put it into practice. Sign up online for our July prerelease events, and rule the forest! You can pre-order all of your Bloomburrow cards directly from Tower Games. Place an order online or in-store for all of your boosters, boxes, commander decks, and more!

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