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Kids' Dungeons And Dragons 
Dungeon Masters


Tony has been DM'ing since he was a kid himself, and has lifelong experience as a Dungeon Master. He is nearing 30 years of being a Dungeon Master! As our main DM, Tony runs one long campaign for the month, with a new adventure each month. Tony is heavy on combat, so if your kid is looking for action - Tony is the way to go!



Devon has almost 12 years of experience DM'ing for friends and family, and now is DM'ing for kids (and teens) too! Devon's table is heavier on roleplay and exploration, and is great for kids looking to have a session balanced between roleplay and combat. 



Michael's Table - Michael is an experienced improviser, and is new to being a Dungeon Master. While he's fresh on the scene, he's quick on the draw. If your kid is looking to have a creative, silly session, Michael is your guy.  

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