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Kids' and Teen's D&D - FAQ

How do I sign my kid up?

Please email or call us! Our email is, and our phone number is (612) 823-4477.

Is there any drop-in spots?

Yes! We have one drop in slot on each table, every week. We highly recommend you call ahead before you drop in, and we cannot guarantee that slot will still be available when you show up. We strongly recommend you sign up for a slot if you can.

My kid is new to Dungeons and Dragons - can they still join?

Yes! We welcome new players, and will do our best to accommodate them. We recommend coming in about a half hour before the game starts, so we can introduce you to the DMs, and they can answer any initial questions you might have. Once the game starts, your kid be playing alongside both new and veteran players - there is a steep learning curve to the game, but most kids catch on quickly and fall in love with the system. Our DMs will teach them the ropes as they play!

Do I as the guardian need to stay?

No, we do not require that parents or guardians stay the entire time. There are some excellent restaurants in the Kingfield neighborhood if you are looking to stay close-by while the game runs - we recommend the Lowbrow and Boludo!

What level do you play at?

We run all adventurers at level 5. There is no level up, or experience gained. We want all players to be at an equal level, and we don't want anyone to feel left out if they can't get a slot one month. For both players and DMs, this makes adventuring simpler and easier!

What does my child need to bring?

Themself! We are able to provide character sheets (both premade and blank), dice, and miniatures! If your child wishes, the may want to bring their own dice, miniature, or character sheet, or other goodies, but this is not required.

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