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Waffle All The Way to Black Friday

The back room holiday sale ends on Sunday. The gift card deal is over but we’ve got great games and insane (50 - 75% off!) prices filling the back room. Stop in between now and Sunday to join in on the fun.

The Brink of Ruin

From the books that inspired a generation, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen releases on December 6th! The iconic setting is updated for 5e and features rich lore from the land of Krynn – play as a kender, pledge yourself to the Knights of Solamnia, or master Lunar Sorcery in hopes that you survive the wretched Lord Soth!

Frosty Fun

Stuff a stocking with Weird Little Elf, a quick and simple hidden role party game! The holidays are fast approaching and one of Santa’s elves is acting strange… see if you can uncover the mischievous Imp before it's too late!

We aren't kitten around, boop. is a two player, purrfect date-night game! This deceptively adorable strategy game requires all the cunning of our feline friends while retaining all of their cuteness! Find a fur-midable opponent and get jumping on the bed!

Rebellions & Revelry

Join the intergalactic fray during our Star Wars Legion Night, every Wednesday from 6:30-9:00 pm! Rebels, imperials, and anyone in between are welcome - just bring your army and a fighting spirit!

Take risks to win tricks at our Trick Taking League every Saturday from 2-5pm! Play the classics and try new entries from this time-tested style of play!

December MTG Schedule

  • 12/2 Weekly Modern

  • 12/9 BRO Game Day

  • 12/16 Weekly Modern

  • 12/23 Weekly Modern

  • 12/30 Weekly Modern

– Bob & the Tower Games Crew

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