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Troubled Seas and Shrubberies - Tower Game Recs

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

This month's game recs will have you saying "ni!" in no time.

Q'ori's recommendation: Uk'otoa


Uk'otoa is based on the actual-play D&D stream Critical Role, but it's not necessary to be familiar with the show to enjoy it. In this "map-reduction" game, Uk'otoa, the legendary sea creature, advances along randomly-placed ship pieces, devouring anything and anyone in his path.

Each player controls two factions of sailors, shared with the opponents to their right and left. Factions battle to be the last one destroyed by the ravenous sea monster. Sailors can run, swap spaces, or even shove other sailors into his path in order to escape his far-reaching tentacles.

Uk'otoa is a great game for anyone who enjoys out-playing their opponents, whether they've seen the show or not!

- Q’ori

Tim's recommendation: Catapult Feud

Catapult Feud

Tim and I just learned to play Catapult Feud. It's a dexterity game, which means you get to shoot things towards your opponent! Players start by building their castle and setting up their troops.

Each player gets, you guessed it, a catapult. Knock down all your opponent’s troops and you win! Cards are used for extra shots, to rebuild a portion of your castle or hijack your opponents catapult. It was silly fun and I loved that the troops in the game are modeled after characters in Monty Python's The Holy Grail!

- Bob & Tim

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