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"Travis’s" Birthday Sale

Travis’s Birthday Sale

Travis’s Birthday Sale is this weekend (even though he’s at LVO). Stop by for great deals on clearance items and don’t forget that special discount for those who bring a treat for one of our Travis stand-ins & the rest of the staff… so get baking and come by Tower on January 28th and 29th!

Oceans 5e

Assemble your crew: Keys from the Golden Vault, a heist-filled D&D 5e anthology, releases on February 21st. This book boasts a prized collection of adventures involving theft, break-ins, and, of course, loads of precious loot! Run the book through or use the adventures in your homebrew game - either way, it’s a steal!

This Valentine’s Day, Don’t Hate the Player

Send the right message - and make sure it gets there - in Love Letter, the perfect deduction game for Valentines Day. Win the Princess’s hand by managing yours or play four-players and make it a double date!

2-6 Players | Age 10+ | 20 Min

Part role-playing, part card game, and semi-cooperative, Fog of Love is a two-player dating simulation game rife with laughs, heartache, and romance. Create a character, fall in love, and work together through a haze of relationship confusion.

2 Players | Age 17+ | 1-2 Hr

Stay Frosty

More Frosthaven is showing up! The new standalone adventure in the Gloomhaven universe is back in stock. For fans of the series, characters and items are interchangeable. You’ll find a familiar combat system with added mysteries, seasonal events and village expansion. It’s like Eden Prairie… except with more monsters - come check it out.

1-4 Players | Age 14+ | 30 Min - 1.5 Hr

February at Tower

Phyrexia: All Will Be One Prereleases will be held on February 10th, 11th & 12th! No plane is safe from the Phyrexians' ambition. The Planeswalkers are taking the war to them. Raise the battle cry though heroes may fall. Explore the penultimate set in the Phyrexian Arc in February

  • 2/10: Phyrexia Prerelease at 6pm

  • 2/11: Phyrexia Prerelease at 4pm

  • 2/12: Phyrexia Prerelease at 1pm

(insert link to prepay)

Join us for a Godtear Demo Day on Saturday, February 25th! We will begin at 10am and have extra armies for those who need one, printed sets of rules, and an eagerness to bring new players into the fold!

Con of the North

Valentine's Day means Con of the North. Stop by and see us February 17-19 and make sure you get your Mayor Waffles 2023 Calendar before they’re all gone.

MTG Schedule

  • Every Saturday: Beginner’s Magic from 2-5pm

  • Every Sunday: Commander Open Play from 12-7pm

Check our website for more events.

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