Butterflies, Badgers, & Space Marines, oh my! - Tower Game Recs

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

We've got plenty of game recs this month - everything from charming worker placements, to bizarre push your luck racing, to classic miniatures war games.

Arch Ravels

“Experience the colorful and crafty world of fiber arts with ArchRavels! Compete to finish your knitting project and special requests. Be efficient - extra yarn will be punished.”

- Bob


"Manage the migration of monarch butterflies for VP. This beautiful EURO is medium weight, but maximum fun. Great for folks who want to mix things up after Wingspan."

- Sam


“Race to be Champion! A dice drafting game of strategy and luck filled with wacky characters. (A multitude of ways to play this title is a perfect warm up for Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber.)”

- Q’ori


“THE epic miniatures wargame of dangerous conflict and deadly combat. (If you know Travis and Tim, this recommendation isn’t a surprise… At least these two are consistent!)”

- Travis & Tim


“Help a cast of critters to build the best tree-city ever! This award winning board game has spectacular table presence. Card drafting and cuteness to wonderful effect.”

- Dylan

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