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Ride the Rails - Tower Game Recs

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

This month's recommendations see us traveling! Boost your island's juicy businesses and compete to complete your network of railways:

Bob's recommendation: Juicy Fruits

Juicy Fruits

Looking for something new and tropical? Want to zoom a cart across your own personal island picking fruit and making a profit? Send your produce off on boats, and later brave the VP bonanza known as the Juice Track.

Logic puzzle meets euro style, Juicy Fruits is super fun & very approachable.

Bob's recommendation: Railroad Ink: Lush Green Edition

Try Railroad Ink - Lush Green Edition

Railroad Ink’s "Roll-n-Write" is super-charged, gamer-friendly yahtzee! Roll dice to create a system of railways, highways, stations and other structures to collect points. Its small box includes dry erase markers, boards and dice so you are ready to play solo or up to 4-player (15-30 min). The Lush Green Edition adds competitive goals, structure bonuses, and new dice faces.

Railroad Ink is out of stock as of 10/22/2021. Check the link below to see what other Railroad Ink games we have in stock.

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